Vale FireLog Storage Tips.

In the cold winter months, your fire or log burner will require a ready supply of quality, dry (seasoned) logs to work effectively. In this article, we consider the best options for storing your logs outside in a practical, convenient and safe way that will keep them dry all winter long.

1.Stack Logs Neatly

Seasoned logs are traditionally stacked neatly, close to (not touching) a wall or fence, it is important to be quite precise as tight stacking will ensure that only the top layer will get damp if it rains.

2. Consider Location Carefully

Think about the location, if the prevailing winds usually blow rain in a certain direction then place the logs in an area that it as sheltered as possible; remember to always place them on a flat and stable surface.

3. Avoid Tree Cover

Don’t place log stacks under trees as these will drip water down and also avoid low-lying areas which can be prone to dew, mist, or fog.

4. Don’t Leave Logs In A Heap

Never just dump the logs in a heap (especially on grass) as they will get wet and be useless; careful stacking will pay dividends in the long run.

5. Use Pallets where possible

Preferably, logs should be placed on wooden pallets as these keep them off the ground and provide a free flow of air underneath; the ideal height of the wood stack (including the pallet) should be no more than 3ft (1m) as the logs can become unstable if piled too high.

6. Provide Good Circulation

Remember to leave a good amount of space between your logs and any wall, fence or shed to help with air circulation, a gap of about 4” (10cm) all around is ideal, remember also that a log pile is a potential fire risk so consideration should be made to its placement.

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Although logs can be left in the open they do benefit from the extra protection of a cover or dedicated storage area.

Tarpaulin Cover

Never cover your logs completely with tarpaulin, this will create a seal to stop the air circulating round – ensure the sides stay uncovered for proper ventilation.

Wooden log store

An extra effective defense against moisture is to use a dedicated wooden log store, many of these features a raised floor and a slanted roof to help protect the firewood.

Usually, the front is left open; although this can cause problems with hard-driving rain, however, you will usually find that it is only the front face of the logs that get wet and these will soon dry with the natural action of the wind and sun.

Metal log store

A relatively new method of storing firewood but definitely an effective modern approach. These products offer fully enclosed protection, importantly they raise the contents off ground level and feature multiple vents to ensure free flow of air.

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