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Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood South Wales.
Vale Firelogs are kiln-dried. Our logs are much drier than seasoned logs. These high-energy logs burn hotter, cleaner & longer than seasoned logs. Vale Firelogs are suitable for wood and multi-fuel stoves, fire pits, chimineas, open fires, pizza ovens, and range cookers. Vale Firelogs are produced from sustainable British hardwood.

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Our News

Why Buying Firelogs During Summer Is a Smart Choice

As the warmer months approach, thoughts of cozy fireside evenings may seem distant. However, when it comes to preparing for the colder seasons, thinking ahead can bring numerous…

Wales Clean Air Act: Shaping Firewood Production and Sale for a Greener Future

Clean air is an essential component of a healthy and sustainable environment. Recognizing the importance of air quality, the Welsh government has taken a significant step forward by…

The psychological benefits of a wood fire

There's no denying that wood fires have a special allure. Beyond their warmth and practical uses, wood fires have long been associated with feelings of comfort and relaxation.…

How to light the perfect fire in your wood burner using kiln dried wood:

There’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort of a home fire on a cold winter day. But if you’re using a wood burner to heat your home,…

Firewood Overview for our new customers.

Firewood is an essential fuel source for many people who rely on wood stoves, fireplaces, or outdoor fire pits to keep their homes warm during the colder months.…

Why Kiln Dried Logs are better

Wood is the main component of many products we use, including furniture and firewood. The quality of wood, its type, and the drying process involved all play a…

Heat Treatment Certificate

In order to help UK manufacturers and exporters demonstrate compliance with ISPM15, the Forestry Commission in Great Britain and the Forest Service, an agency within the Department of…

Vale FireLog Storage Tips.

In the cold winter months, your fire or log burner will require a ready supply of quality, dry (seasoned) logs to work effectively. In this article, we consider…

Wood burners: Sale of coal and wet wood now restricted

Curbs on the sale of house coal and wet wood for household burning in England have come into force under new rules aimed at cutting air pollution. People…

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